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 Fouad Said

Mr. Fouad Said is the co-Chairman of Said family Investment, a 60 years old group, with assets of several billion dollars. The trust has affiliated offices in seven countries and is composed of over fifty investment professionals.

Born in 1933, Mr. Said has been overseeing the investment trust for over 50 years. The group has focused its activity in emerging markets and participated in significant private and public investments internationally. Mr. Said was well recognized for being one of the first large private investors in Hedge funds and Leverage Buyout funds.

Mr. Said received his Master of Arts from University of Southern California and his Master of Business and Economics under Peter Drucker at Pepperdine University. In the late 1960s Mr. Said revolutionized the television and movie picture industry by inventing Cinemobile, for which he received an Academy Award from the Hollywood Motion Pictures Academy. After this first success, Mr. Said focused all his efforts on the family trust and its multiple investment projects.

The Trust does not manage assets or provides Investment advice to outside investors.